Dmitry Nilov


«Dmitry Nilov is a musician of a big talent. He has already taken one of the first places among the new generation of Russian guitar players. His performance is marked by deep and flawless interpretation of music pieces and elegancy of music phrasing. I am happy to have had several chances to listen to his performances and I would like to tell him that I am sure of his successful artistic future».

Oscar Caceres, guitarist,
France; 2004

«The voice of his guitar is breathing with such a heavenly beauty! Listen and you will understand it is speaking to you. Thank you for the great love for Her Majesty Guitar».

Tumen, Russia; 2006

«Dmitry Nilov’s concert is a real event! I had a chance to attend a concert of this unique musician… I could not believe this could exist! Such an understanding of the music, such a fantastic command of the instrument, such a tone palette, and unbelievably beautiful and strong sound. Bravo!!!»

Kiev, the Ukraine; 2009

«When I heard Dmitry Nilov playing for the first time, I was impressed by his virtuosity of guitar mastership, deep penetration, if I may say so, to the «text» of a musical composition and mainly by some astonishing melodic, simultaneously blue and profound...»

Leonid Romankov, politician, writer, public figure,
Saint-Petersburg; 2013