Dmitry Nilov


I. Albeniz. Asturias. 2018

Dmitry Nilov: “Academism is essential to my work”

  • Dmitry Nilov is known to all who are interested in guitar music. Since 2003 the musician has given hundreds of concerts in philharmonic concert halls all over Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. He performed in Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Belarus. But it’s not easy to find the latest information about him and his name can rarely be seen on the placards of guitar festivals. Why?
  • The guitar techniques when it becomes the only and ultimate goal, a kind of sport, or when it is used as the means of mere illustration – all of these do not refer to Dmitry Nilov. His goal is art and the desire to get to the depth of the magic of music through the magic of the music instrument. It’s a cognitive process which is being revealed in his individual performing style and outstanding talent. He has deep understanding of form and the ability to express it with the help of limitless arsenal of touches. The power and the clearness of his guitar allow him to achieve amazing subtlety and volume of sound. His road to recognition by professionals, as it often happens especially in art, was not an easy one. It demanded from Dmitry not only hard work, ambitions to excel, and talent but also the ability to make decisions that by many did and probably will be considered unpopular.



Hello Dmitry! I visited your last concert in Tomsk and was greatly impressed by your skill to master the art of instrument's sound. I wish I could take your consultation. What are your financial conditions?



Hello, Irina! Thank you so much for your well-timed question, because during this year I plan to engage in teaching more actively. Please, follow updates of my website in October. Last details are specified at the moment. Financial conditions will depend on a type of communication, you choose. For teachers and tutors discounts will be provided!


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Dmitry Nilov was born in 1978 in Smolensk (Russia). His first music experience started with the piano playing, when he was five, but at ten the guitar had become his final choice. During his study at the music school (1988-1994, class of S.A. Soltan) and the music college (1994-1997, class of V.F. Pavluchenkov) he became the winner in a number of national and international contests for young musicians and was awarded the scholarship of the Government of the Russian Federation.

In 1997-2002 Dmitry was a student of the Gnesins’ State Academy of Music in Moscow (class of Professor and Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Frauchi).

In 1998-2002 he became twice a participant of the final and a laureate of the “Printemps de la guitare” contest, held under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Fabiola (Valkur, Belgium), one of the world’s most prestigious guitar contests, included into the list of WFIMC (World Federation of International). During this period of time Dmitry Nilov also took part in the Grand Finale concert of the XXXVII “Russian Winter” festival in “Stars of XXI century – young talents of Russia” program (Moscow State Philharmonic Society, Russia).

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