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Why to take guitar consultation from Dmitry Nilov? Dmitry:

  • has devoted more than 25 years to playing the classical guitar;
  • has tremendous experience of performances (hundreds of concerts at some of the most prestigious venues throughout Russia and Europe);
  • constantly works hard and dedicates himself to personal improvement and musical capabilities as well as permanent striving to improve his performance technique;
  • carefully edits musical material;
  • possesses a unique knowledge of his instrument;
  • is able to pass on his knowledge effectively to his students.

Dmitry Nilov's consultations provide:

  • an opportunity for teachers, tutors and professional guitarists to acquire additional knowledge and skill of performance techniques
  • a teaching approach which is geared specifically to the unique needs of each student
  • an individual curriculum and lesson plan for each student according to their needs and wishes based on previously provided information Read more/close

    Today Dmitry Nilov frequently comes across a term "modern technique of sound", which is perceived by the overwhelming majority of pedagogues as the most promising. Dmitry doesn't regard the performing technique of F. Tarrega, M. Llobet, A. Barrios, E. Pujol, A. Segovia, I. Presti and A. Lagoya, J. Williams, Romero family, C. Parkening and other prominent artists of the XX-XXI centuries as the past of the guitar art. In his opinion it is a classical or basic one, musicians can and should use it as a point of support in their performing quest and it would be wrong to neglect it. For Dmitry it's a model which he follows, relevance and prospects of which he is ready to substantiate, at the same time not disclaiming the right of musicians to look for new techniques to discover all possibilities of the instrument.
    In his consultations Dmitry Nilov focuses mainly on intellectual component of the working process with musical compositions. He supposes it to be very important as for a guitar from the point of view of its mastering, and just for the intellectual development of a student.
    Dmitry understands and shares the idea, expressed by one of the greatest pedagogues and pianists of the XXth century Heinrich Neuhaus in his book "The art of piano playing" that the greater musician's "ability to formulate his knowledge with precision in statements even remotely akin to mathematics and that have the force of law, the more profound, sound and fruitful will this knowledge be".
    Special training can be also organized for professional performers, including selection of concert programs, thorough studying of fingering, detailed solution of technical problems, work with scores, with sound, purity and culture of motion, intonation expressiveness. Particular attention is paid to psychological mood before going on stage.

  • an opportunity to take very convenient form of your lessons Read more/close

    Dmitry suggests 2 types of communication:
    1) video request - video reply (reply is prepared in 7-10 days with detailed comment and English or French subtitles);
    2) private consultation (time and duration are to be discussed)

  • an opportunity to choose the most suitable time of your lessons Read more/close

    Complete the form above for Dmitry’s attention and comments. Don't forget to include your name, skills and issues. Please include your contact details. Dmitry will get in touch with you for further details as soon as possible!
    Students are reminded to have available their musical material to send in advance.

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